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Just like how people do not enjoy taking medication, animals too are no different. Most pets become uncooperative when their owners want to feed them with medicine especially when the drug is bitter. Some will try to pill out, others become agitated and can even injurer the person administering the medication, while others magically disappear for some time. This article aims at providing essential information on the benefits, and use of the pet pill products that will make pet owners administer pills to their pet with ease without the fear of dangerous attacks or frustrations from the pets.  The pet pill pockets are the remedies to pet owners struggling with getting their pets take medication. The pill pockets are the alternative to administering drugs to animals since they are tasty and allow easy swallowing of the medicine Keep reading PawsIQ pet pill pockets.


The pet pill products manufacturers have made several products that can be used in applying medicine to the animals. One of the ingenious products is the spoonful of sugar. This product is filled with desirable ingredients such as sugar which makes the pill to be tasty. One of the commonly used pet pill product is the green pill product. These are nutritious treats for both cats and dogs and are made of built-in pockets for hiding the pills.   The greenies are useful since they have a perfect taste that pet loves hence they will not notice that there is drug in them. The following are the benefits of using pet product. First and foremost, they are easy to administer. The owner only has to insert the capsule in the greenies and place it in the dog's food plate waiting for the pet to enjoy the meal with the medicine in it. Also, apart from having a hidden compartment for storing medicine, the treat is also tasty and notorious; it contains essential nutrients that are required by the pet. Also, the treat comes in different flavors; hence pet owners can choose the ones that their pets love the most. The other benefit of using the pill products is that they have no known side effects. To get additional info:


The main aim of using the pill products is to provide a solution to the challenges of providing pills to pets. Every pet owner has memories of how hard it can be to provide medicine to either dogs or cats.  However, by using the pill pockets, it becomes easy.  Also, every pocket has a built-in pouch for concealing the medicine, hence making the pet only to see the treat. 

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